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We aim to operate a successful, sustainable and socially responsible business which makes a positive contribution to the communities and environments in which we work.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is intrinsic to our operations and central to our long-term strategy.

Whether it’s reviewing safety procedures, investigating sustainable products, recycling waste or working with local communities, CSR is integral to our decision making processes and approach to risk management.

Our core values are reflected in the responsible business practices which lie at the heart of CSR, principles which help maintain and develop the effective relationships that are fundamental to our collaborative approach to business.

CSR also acts as a major driver of innovation and is a powerful tool in enhancing the operational efficiency of our business. (Click here to view our Company Sustainability Policy)

We review our objectives annually and set realistic, deliverable long-term targets across six strategic areas that are fundamental to our operations and stakeholders:

  • environment
  • community
  • staff
  • health and safety
  • clients
  • supply chain

Our robust approach to measuring and reporting enables us to effectively evaluate our systems and the impact of initiatives undertaken to improve performance. In this way we are able to identify, adapt and implement measures which improve our operations and the services we provide clients.