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July 17, 2009

Construction of the Olympic Stadium in east London reached a major milestone with completion of the external structure of the flagship venue.

The last of the stadium’s 28 roof sections was bolted into place yesterday.

With all the black steel rakers which act as the terracing supports for the 55,000 upper tier seats now in position, installation of the 15m high, 85-tonne steel section marked the completion of the outer shell of the venue.

The project landmark comes just fourteen months after construction started.

ODA Chairman John Armitt said: “The Olympic Stadium has already changed the east London skyline and is a visible symbol of the strong progress that has been made on the Olympic Park over the last year.

“With almost three years to go before the start of the London 2012 Games, we are in a strong position and everyone on the project is committed to making the next year as successful as the last.”

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