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The majestic Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane is one of London’s most famous landmarks.

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General Information

When it opened on April 18th 1931, The Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane was the most luxurious hotel London had ever seen.

Built in less than 18 months, 40,000 tonnes of earth was excavated to make room for the below ground element of the hotel which is one third the size of the building above street level.

With its exquisitely styled interior and sumptuous rooms, the Dorchester quickly established a reputation as one of the world’s finest hotels.

Fast facts

The Dorchester Hotel
1929 - 1931
London & South East
Sport & Leisure

The upper eight floors of the hotel were erected in just 10 weeks and are supported on a massive three feet thick reinforced concrete deck that forms the roof of the first floor of the building. The walls are also made of reinforced concrete and the building was recognised during the Blitz as one of London’s safest buildings because of the strength of its frame.

The interior of the hotel was designed to maximise natural light. The inner faces of the external walls were lined with cork slabs to stop variations in temperature and reduce noise. The rooms were further soundproofed by lining the floors and ceiling with compressed seaweed.